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2013-01-26 23:02:01 by Ghost21b

So i finally manage to get a loan to go to a college for game arts and design. Something hits me... I know Absolutly nothing about Micro soft and Adobe and even less about school things such as math english science. ect. ect... so i decide to check out adobe's tutorial and all they are doing is trying to sell it saying with our new product you can do this this and this at which time a picture pops up showing some cool movie style graphics but nota about on how the thing was created. by this time i have falling to the point of checking out you tubes videos on the subject my pc decides to shout out FUCK YOU!!! v(>o<)J and freeze on one pic in the video that looks like a giant hairy ass pooping. now i am sitting here feeling helpless and all alone in a feeble position crying with my thumb in my mouth.
so here is a trojan man- comic for no reason what so pooping ever



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2013-01-26 23:51:36

If you have a passion for making video games, you'll manage. The programmes are bitches, so it'll take a lot of work.

Ghost21b responds:

Thanks. I'm sure one day i will figure every thing out and be part of creating a great game. and im sure after i learn this stuff you can expect to see a few games on here.