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Beautiful animation. something about your style always captures the emotion. the soundtrack was good and clean. The Interview with the woman was very touching. all in all A perfect submission.

Damn monkeys

Lol brought back some good childhood memories. And the 8bit flashes were a nice touch.

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evil-dog you evil SOB. Sickdeathfiend sick artwork thefeale zombie were hot in a necro sort of way. DruoxtheShreder lovd the sreaming. SoS You ride theSegway you.
as far as the game went FUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Man i suck at these kind of games but its still very bad ass

at first i wasnt sure id like this just because of no blood guts and lack of bewbage but then i saw all the toys that sent my mind to the MUHAHAHA state. and became addicted to it. think if you do a sequal to this use real people blood and guts. mabey a zombie so the human society wont pitch a fit rock on \m/

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Very sweet beat. i find myself creating some of my best pics listening to your instrumentals. keep up the awesome work and cant wait to hear the finished version :)

S-Rock responds:

Yess!!!! I feel the inspiration! that's what I want to do. I'm glad you like my music homie!

definitely throws my audio submissions to the crap list :P
great tone. smooth recording. and a lovely melody

Plasmarift responds:

To be fair, this song wouldn't be good at all without the help of my friend Alex. Also, don't tell Gordon or he might sue me.

Awesome man. That kid definitely has me beat on the drums. Hell your whole family is extremely talented.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you. I'm hoping to keep this going. They love music. Their mommy, loves music too, just not metal! haha. She's all country. But I've corrupted the little humans. Once presented with the choice: Country or Metal....they always choose metal. :)

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Love how all of your images have this smooth flow to it. great use of color. beautifully well shaded. keep up the awesome work :)

NoaNoa responds:

Thanks a lot! The colors and effects in your work are really cool, too!


Not sure why this is rated M however great piece of work. i feel a strange cartoon network feel to this image. May be because of the bright colors.

SileNt-Sam responds:

ummm i didn't rate it M but i'll try to change that , it's an "Adventure Time"fan art

Very interesting Would love to see what you could do with some of my Characters. broken angel phantom and the two unnamed characters in my newest post. :)

I am nothing you need to be concerned about... well unless you are a naked woman who can cook :P v( ^_^ )v

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