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It just Hit Me

2013-03-22 23:49:15 by Ghost21b

Newgrounds Is a PORN Site.
the artist and viewers are all Pervs with skill
And then there are the sick demented 0 boombers that are upset because they want to draw bewbage and fap at the same time. (It's just not possible)

and all of this just hit me as i was browsing the popular art on this site. oh... wait... never mind i just had all the other ratings off


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2013-03-23 00:07:24

The adult section of the site was one of the main reasons people came here back in the day. The adult stuff stuck. And, yes, the 0 and 5 bombers are annoying as hell.

Ghost21b responds:

Lol never thought of a 5 bomber. oh no that might be me. :O


2013-03-23 00:54:49

Maybe a good chunk of the Art portal, and a small portion of the Flash portal. Having adult content doesn't make it a porn-dedicated site, though.

Just a site that has porn, among other stuff.

Ghost21b responds:

Lol I know was just after a random subject for my news feed. Just saying I got nor art up gets a little old. :p


2013-03-23 15:31:22

Probably, Just TheShadlin spamming with dis :3

Ghost21b responds:



2013-03-24 17:40:43

But what about the audio portal??

Ghost21b responds:

Lol audio is put on a major hold due to the new phones even suckier recording quality


2013-03-24 18:55:41

Finally a voice of reason.

Ghost21b responds: