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2013-03-29 13:49:11 by Ghost21b

Well college is moving along almost to my third class for game. Arts and design.Sadly I haven't learned anything as far as working on creating games only ideas of what I want to make. Maybe this next class can help me with computer stuff


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2013-03-29 16:07:03

Computer stuff? That's a broad area of knowledge. :) Eh, good luck though!

Ghost21b responds:

Lol yeah. Though if my computer ever behaves I'll be using the unreal engine to start creating some games


2013-03-29 17:29:06

All by your lonesome self? That's a tricky undertaking.

Ghost21b responds:

I know.But I got to learn some how lol. I'm willing to accept any pieces of info any body can give me as well as a few names of programs that will help me along the quest. What better place for advice than here where all the great artist live :p