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so i have decided to give blender a try

2013-04-03 21:47:05 by Ghost21b

Making the models gets rather complicating and I still have no idea how to save the images but hopefully soon I'll be posting 3d images of these characters and what not. If any smart people that knows how to work the program and would be willing to give some pointers it would be greatly appreciated


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2013-04-03 22:41:45

An image when pictured out is called 'Rendering'. So you 'render' an image to post online. Rendering takes in all the effects lights, ETC, and makes a final picture that can look much better then from the actual software. To create one, you must place a Camera, then from the very top of the screen, you have the Render tab, for starters try rendering an image, then save the render-result that pops up.

Ghost21b responds:

Ok Thank you :D Will i be able to save them as a jpg image or does it all just go to blender?


2013-04-04 12:25:21

Just mix it up a bit, I'm sure you'll blend in.

Ghost21b responds: