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good bye

Posted by Ghost21b - August 18th, 2013

This is my farewell to newgrounds.
even though i have enjoyed posting my art and crappy submissions on this site, i find that there really isn't anything for me on here anymore. the people i used to talk too have long since moved on. I did enjoy all the different submissions around this site.
I had went with a newish style mixing media for my artwork some from characters i have made in my favorite game. others from movies all of which i tied together in my own special way. though it would appear my fan art goes against the people.
anyways that is not the reason for my decision I have just lost seeing the point. no comments on this site that would help me improve. even though i like viewing and listening to other submissions i see no point in rating and writing reviews.
then again who knows maybe one day ill come back to this site and log back in however i do not see it happening any time soon. too much real life drama. i may check on this site one last time in about a week or so to see if there are any messages for me though i doubt it.
take it easy Newgrounders
Was fun while it lasted

Comments (4)

Aww, farewell man. I appreciate you scouting me. But unfortunately your departure got me kicked from the art portal :/ but no worries I'm not blaming you, I very much appreciated the criticism on my "Skull & Headphones" work. Good Luck to you, hopefully I can get scouted again. See you around.

Im sure you will get scouted in no time just keep up the awesome work :)

How to improve:
Don't post filtered images into the art portal and pretend you painted them.

Well, man. Even though I didn't know you too long, I'm going to miss you. I appreciate your review of my picture and the only thing I could say is that there are more directions to go with your artwork. There are so many different style (pixel art, abstract art to name a few). I would have loved to see you try these, adding your own creativity to them. Anyways, I wish you luck in your drawing and in life. Now, I have to get back to my homework :)

Its a shame your going I love your work and was hopeing to see more from you.
If you ever come bake under a new username send me a messages with your new name and if your posting stuff ( Art, Games etc.) I'll fan you.
Sad to see you go good luck with whatever you plan on doing bye.