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Posted by Ghost21b - March 29th, 2013

Well college is moving along almost to my third class for game. Arts and design.Sadly I haven't learned anything as far as working on creating games only ideas of what I want to make. Maybe this next class can help me with computer stuff

Posted by Ghost21b - March 22nd, 2013

Newgrounds Is a PORN Site.
the artist and viewers are all Pervs with skill
And then there are the sick demented 0 boombers that are upset because they want to draw bewbage and fap at the same time. (It's just not possible)

and all of this just hit me as i was browsing the popular art on this site. oh... wait... never mind i just had all the other ratings off

Posted by Ghost21b - March 21st, 2013

Should i work on more bewbage pics... or more random whatever pics...

Posted by Ghost21b - March 19th, 2013

View rate comment. Smile or whatever floats your boat

Posted by Ghost21b - March 14th, 2013

There was a comment on my last pic im so happy

Posted by Ghost21b - March 13th, 2013

Not even a comment on my art. Makes me want to GO ON A MURDERUS RAMPAGE!!!! But instead all probably just go fap to porn or something productive like that.

Posted by Ghost21b - March 12th, 2013

( .Y. )
.( y )

Posted by Ghost21b - March 9th, 2013

So as i have mentioned in an earlier post i finally managed to get into an online college for game arts and design.
we haven't reached the actual game making courses yet though I'm still nervous about the whole thing.
Then i remembered this site has alot of different artist and creators That just might be willing to give a newb like me a few helpful hints and tips as to how to create a game and maybe a list of easy programs that they have found useful.
I would really love to learn things ahead of time so that when the time comes i won't feel like a cat in the ocean.

If there is anyone willing to help me out Please let me know I will be eternally in your debt.

Posted by Ghost21b - March 9th, 2013

what exactly does it mean when one gets scouted on here. not that i see it happening any time soon.

Posted by Ghost21b - March 6th, 2013

Check them out ,tell me what you think, give pointers, or just tell me to give up on life i dont care