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good bye

2013-08-18 00:51:05 by Ghost21b

This is my farewell to newgrounds.
even though i have enjoyed posting my art and crappy submissions on this site, i find that there really isn't anything for me on here anymore. the people i used to talk too have long since moved on. I did enjoy all the different submissions around this site.
I had went with a newish style mixing media for my artwork some from characters i have made in my favorite game. others from movies all of which i tied together in my own special way. though it would appear my fan art goes against the people.
anyways that is not the reason for my decision I have just lost seeing the point. no comments on this site that would help me improve. even though i like viewing and listening to other submissions i see no point in rating and writing reviews.
then again who knows maybe one day ill come back to this site and log back in however i do not see it happening any time soon. too much real life drama. i may check on this site one last time in about a week or so to see if there are any messages for me though i doubt it.
take it easy Newgrounders
Was fun while it lasted


2013-08-17 16:33:46 by Ghost21b

that is all


2013-08-13 05:35:46 by Ghost21b

getting tired of low raters that don't even leave a comment. all though with my newest submission i don't blame the low score its very choppy and needs a lot of extra tuning lol
attempting to come up with ideas to tie characters in together for either an animation if able to get help or crappy comics.
anyways if you are a 1 star or 0 star rater please leave some sort of comment may help me improve all my crap lol :P

Trojan man at the air port

2013-05-03 18:14:34 by Ghost21b

so after a good while watching youtube comercials a trojan comercial came on and i couldnt help but laugh at all the fond memories of over crowded airports the whole business or pleasure conversations thus this came to be.

Trojan man at the air port

Fuck it

2013-04-28 18:42:32 by Ghost21b

Fuck it all
then make em cream

Fuck it

So now I find myself

2013-04-25 01:41:54 by Ghost21b

Debating on wether my crap is litterally crap or if there is some art to it...
also trying to think of newish ideas to add to my crap. all comments crappy or otherwise are welcome and may decide for me my next course of action. I will refrain from replying and just read and count between crap or art :P
Untill next post
this is some dude
signing out.

Gota Love 0 bombers

2013-04-16 06:36:53 by Ghost21b

Especially when they dont even leave a comment. I'd be happy with random nonsense than an empty Bombed photo.
Anyways for the 0 b0mbers Please leave a comment, and the 5 bombers out due the 0 bombers just so i can watch the star count grow and shrink all in one minute at a time :P
may the bombing war begin


2013-04-16 01:17:55 by Ghost21b

9 fans I'm so awesome... OK maybe just ok

Making the models gets rather complicating and I still have no idea how to save the images but hopefully soon I'll be posting 3d images of these characters and what not. If any smart people that knows how to work the program and would be willing to give some pointers it would be greatly appreciated

so UDK Finally installed and im slowly getting the hang of making levels to walk through.
However... There isn't any character creation for the avatars or enemies aside from ofcourse the basic unreal bots.
I want to be able to create these 2d characters i have drawn and put them in some levels as well as have an avatar that doesn't look like its on steroids or some gears of war bug. .. if anyone knows any free programs that may be usefull to a novice like me i would eternal be in your debt.